Use our expertise and efficiency to create custom solutions to fit your needs and budget


We can build a package tailored to suit your needs and requirements. This may include site visits, hearing tests, and HSE recommended report. 

Custom Fit & Colour
Custom Fit & Colour

Use our expertise and efficiency to create custom solutions to fit your needs

Sports & Leisure
Sports & Leisure

High quality ear defenders can help reduce a range of ear related issues due to sport and leisure activities. For example, noise damage, outer ear infection, sleepless nights, pressure discomfort.


Plugzz use the finest non-allergenic medical grade silicone material for all their products

  • Bikers, shooters, musicians and workers in noisy industries - you know the feeling, dulled hearing, buzzing, whistling in the ear, fatigue. All sure signs of hearing damage, and that damage accumulates every time you're within such noisy environments.

    With Plugzz we can help preserve one of your most precious assets. With nearly fifty years of NHS experience in hearing healthcare, our highly trained staff create the best products for you.

    With a range of colours and extra options, your custom ear defenders can be further customised to suit your individual requirements.

    We will professionally examine your ears and take quick, hygienically safe ear impressions that are unique to you.

    Your new custom ear defenders will give you years of hearing protection and peace of mind.

    We supply custom hearing protection ranges for bikers, musicians, firearms use, industrial environments, swimmers etc.

Protect your hearing.

Your hearing is one of your most valuable assets and it should be protected not just while at work but even during leisure activities such as motorcycling, shooting, swimming and music venues.


Whether you use your bike for practicality, as part of your job or simply the exhilaration of the open road, we know how much you value the miles you cover. We also know the attention you will pay to the safety aspects of biking on todays crowded roads. Helmet, gloves, boots. All protect from obvious dangers, but have you thought about how safe your hearing is? It’s a sobering thought that one of your most important senses may be irreversibly damaged by your love of biking.           

Swimmers & Surfers

Plugzz use the finest non-allergenic medical grade silicone material for all their applications, they can be manufactured from floatable silicone or from standard medical grade silicone both in a choice of colours and can have the option of connected via a lanyard. They are reusable, washable, hygienic and very comfortable to wear.


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