Whether you use your bike for practicality or simply the exhilaration of the open road, we know how much you value the miles you cover. We also know the attention you will pay to the safety aspects of biking on today's crowded roads. Helmet, gloves, boots. All protect from obvious dangers, but have you thought about how safe your hearing is? It’s a sobering thought that one of your most important senses may be irreversibly damaged by your love of biking.

CE marked for industrial use, contains filter which only allows sounds up to 80dB through. 

Damaging sounds above this level are converted to undetectable heat energy!

Sonic Valves provide a unique and quite intelligent method of protecting your hearing. The removable valve is constructed to allow through acceptable sounds but cut out the dangerous sound levels which you may encounter while shooting for example.

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS)  


Now for the very first time even at shows and events you can purchase and take away your CENS the very same day using the Universal Tip Kit, this allows you to use your CENS whilst the custom earpieces are being manufactured. 

Battery driven noise suppressors, Small volume control amplifier,allows hearing sensitivity to be enhanced, e.g. listening for birds etc, but when the gunshot is sensed, electronic circuitry attenuates the sound within milliseconds, and then returns to normal levels.

Aimed at the amateur or semi-pro musician, these custom-made moulds offer a cost-effective way of achieving professional results. Personal moulds are simply fitted over any driver of your choice, creating a seal which increases low frequency response and improves attenuation.

Unique to our company, and developed after listening to bikers requirements!  

As can be seen, custom made earpieces with unique snap on headphones to protect from wind noise whilst listening to phone, sat-nav, music etc.  These can be accessorised so that earplugs can be blocked with an insert so that can be worn as pure ear defenders


Nanocomms are similar to Y-leads but can be configured in numerous ways to incorporate microphone, push to talk buttons etc.

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